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Book published in 2021:
Sipoonkorpi, nature destination guide

Book published in 2021: Sipoonkorpi, nature destination guide 

This guidebook introduces the most beautiful ponds, hills, streams and rich forests of the national park. The flora and fauna in each location is illustrated. The destinations and the routes leading to them have been compiled on clear maps that make it easy to find the best sites. The beautiful and insightful pictures of the award-winning nature photographer Kai Hypén and the warm-hearted and knowledgeable text of biologist and non-fiction writer Seppo Parkkinen always attract new trips to Sipoonkorpi National Park.

 Seppo Parkkinen & Kai Hypén

Sipoonkorpi, nature destination guide is also translated to Swedish. Order from the online store (this issue not available in bookstores)!

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Book review, Luontokuva magazine, 04/2020 / Esa Mälkönen:
“On the eastern edge of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is Sipoonkorpi, a national park established in 2011. This book is an information package made to help the hiker with great and rich illustrations. 
Seppo Parkkinen is responsible for the text and Kai Hypén for the pictures (approx. 150) and the information content of the objects. The book deals with 35 different destinations. Each has its own map drawing, 1-2 landscape images, and one or more species images, mostly of plants, insects, and birds. Hypén's images are just right for their purpose, leaving a good pictorial image of the area and nature.
Parkkinen's text is fluent and appropriately informative. Maybe you’ll miss what the area feels and looks like in the winter time. Now the book is from a snow-free time with the exception of a few pictures and text. Hiking and the richness of nature will certainly focus on the area in the summer. Such books would like to be made of all the major nature hiking destinations. It's easy to decide with a detailed guide, where to go in the area and what to find there. ”

Guided tours

Naturkai offers interesting guided tours to diverse domestic nature sites. Learn the use of DSLR camera to make better images of animals and discover new nature destinations. My workshops typically start with outdoors session in the destination. We then analyze the pictures taken together. If necessary, we speak also English, Swedish or German.

Comment on nature trips:
“Thank you for a superbly organized, comfortable and knowledgeable nature evening. 
It was great to have in-depth information about the area, and now you can do it later by reading the book. "

Nature Tours and Photography Courses

Nature trips

Guided nature photo tours within Finland Please specify your timeframe, number of participants and desired location/content while contacting. We offer something best suitable for your needs. We operate as guides and experts to organise your tour. We do not package travel to the destination normally. The tour may start from the airport nearby.

Photography courses

In the morning we take photos outdoors in a certain interesting location. In the afternoon follows a session indoors to discuss the pictures taken by the participants. Typical workflow by using photo editor applications (Lightroom/ Photoshop) is explained. Workshop may include a second similar day.

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